The next Apple Pencil can “see” color, according to a new patent

Apple is working on an Apple Pencil that recognizes the colors of real-world objects and wirelessly transmits sampled shades to the iPad, so you can use them in artwork and writing.

The Apple Pencil 2 is already the ultimate iPad accessory with a fashionable yet functional design and useful features like gesture control and wireless charging. But Apple may want to release a stylus that will be a great companion for the best iPads – from the best iPad Pro 12.9 (2022) to the affordable iPad (2022).

The company has filed a new patent that details the Apple Pencil stylus that recognizes the color of real-world objects (via Definitely Apple (opens in a new tab)).

These images from the Apple patent show how sensors housed in the stylus (Fig. 5) emit and detect light through ports in the nib (Fig. 3) (Image credit: Apple)

As specified in the patent US 20220413636 A1 (opens in a new tab) (and shown in the image above), Apple’s concept uses light emitters and sensors in the nib to detect and record the color and texture of the surfaces it’s placed on.

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